October 11, 2006

Toasted politcians

Jackart does not seem to like the latest pronouncements from the health gimps, in fact he thinks if you want to tax junk food, you're an arsehole, and should be stabbed with a big knife. He makes the very simple point that people get fat by not exercising enough, you can get fat on lentels and rice if you take in more callories than you expend. This is a point so simple that even a Labour minister should be able to follow it, however solving the problem of obesity is not the only factor at work here. Playing fields and sports equipment costs money, taxes raise money, and the government needs more money to waste in order to buy votes. Don't bother applying for government money in an area that isn't producing Labour MP's. Which is why the government deserves to be roasted alive. Delicious, nutrionally balanced, and a service to the country.


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